Review – Madeleine Coomey Ceramic Yarn Bowl

Disclaimer: This post contains a gifted product from Yarn Canada. All opinions are my own

Happy New Year! New month, new year, new decade. This is the time of year traditionally associated with fresh starts, making resolutions, and overall general self-improvement. Resolutions can vary greatly. Some want to lose weight, some want to get their home or finances organized, while others might choose to learn a new skill. 

Learning a new skill is a great resolution to make. One of the best things I ever did for myself was when I taught myself to knit. Others tried many times when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I decided for myself (and had a lot of time to kill at an incredibly boring job) that it finally stuck. Knitting is an amazing skill to have. It helps lower anxiety, it’s easy to do when if you’re just sitting watching TV in the evening, and unlike some other hobbies, it’s something that you can start to see results from almost instantly. This makes it extremely encouraging for someone starting out.

I’ve been knitting now for almost a decade, and even then I’m still learning new things and discovering new products. One of these new products is a yarn bowl. The idea is that it’s a decorative bowl with a cut out on the side for your yarn to feed through while being deep enough to keep it all contained. The idea has intrigued me for a while now, but it’s something that honestly just always slipped my mind when I’m out shopping. So when the awesome people at Yarn Canada reached out to me and asked if I wanted to review one on the blog, I was super excited.

The bowl I was sent was a ceramic bowl made by a B.C. artist named Madeleine Coomey in a gorgeous teal colour. Yarn bowls are often made of wood, and while pretty, they tend to not fit in with my own personal decorating style. This one, however, is completely me. It’s clean and tidy looking, while still having a bright pop of colour on the inside. I especially love that the little cutout for the yarn is a heart with another heart to the side as decoration which is just absolutely adorable. Another reason I love the ceramic versus the wooden ones I normally see is the weight. While it’s not heavy and clunky, it’s no featherweight either. It’s got a decent amount of heft to it. Which, with a tiny person wandering my home, is fantastic as it’s a little bit harder to knock. 

I tried it out for the first time while knitting a scarf for my mom’s boyfriend for Christmas. For it, I used Lion Brand’s Homespun Thick & Quick in Tartan Stripes which is a super bulky weight yarn. The first thing I noticed was that it was very difficult to fit the yarn into the bowl which I’m thinking has to do with the weight I was knitting with. I don’t think large amounts of super bulky yarn are meant to go into yarn bowls. I think if I were working with worsted weight or lighter, it’d be perfect right from the beginning. Once I worked through about half of the skein, it fit in perfectly. 

The size of the cutouts are great. My super bulky fit through no issue and the smoothness of the ceramic leads to the yarn flowing wonderfully against the side. I love that with the bowl, it keeps the yarn safe from getting dirty, or bashed around and tangled. I also really enjoy the fact that if you want to take a break while working on a project, the bowl can hold everything together in one spot and it looks so pretty while doing so. The scarf was completed quickly after, and the bowl kept everything neat and tidy while I finished.

Like I mentioned before, my one complaint with it is that heavier yarns don’t work so well with it, but I definitely think it would work beautifully with yarn that’s a worsted weight or lighter. My go-to yarn has been heavier ones the last few years, but since learning some lighter patterns this past Christmas season, I think this bowl will be seeing lots of use in this new year.

Overall, Yarn Canada’s ceramic yarn bowls by Madeleine Coomey are a welcome addition to this knitter’s supplies and something I wish had sooner. They’re available on Yarn Canada’s website for $49.00 CAD and are available in 12 different colours, so there’s sure to be one to suit everyone’s tastes.

Again, Happy New Year. Whether you’re a newbie with a resolution to learn a new skill or a veteran knitter looking for something new to try, definitely take a look at these to add to your supplies. What’s one of my resolutions this year, you ask? Try to figure out a more regular posting schedule here. Leave me a comment below if there’s a topic you’d like to see me cover.

Until next time!

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