Hi! My name is Krysania (Chris-ann-ee-ah). My name can be a little tricky to say, so if you prefer, you can just call me K. 💕 

I’m a thirty-something-year-old living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada along with my family.

I am a full-time stay at home and a part-time work from home mom to a wonderful three and a half year old.

Some Facts About Me

  • I am named after a character from an 80’s fantasy novel. Also a Dungeons & Dragons character.
  • I am a huge nerd. I like to say I was born into it due to the above mentioned fact.
  • I am a witch. I was very interested in witchcraft as a teen, but didn’t necessarily have an interest in Wicca which was the only information I had access to then. Recently, I have rediscovered the practice of witchcraft. You can learn about my journey here.